I Have A Small Bump On My Pinky Finger, It Is Hard And On The Inside Of The Skin What Is It?


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The most likely cause of a hard bump underneath skin is a blister which is a small pocket of fluid within the upper layers of the skin. Other possible causes could be a wart or a small boil.

A blister is typically caused by forceful rubbing which create friction, being burned, touching something extremely cold, chemical exposure and even infection. Any one of these causes liquid to collect between the epidermis (the upper layer of the skin) and the layer below it. This fluid acts as a cushion for the damaged tissue underneath, giving it time and protection to heal fully.

A wart is a rough growth that is usually found on the hands and feet. They are caused by a contagious viral infection and even though they can disappear within a few months, they will usually reappear. There are lots of ways to get rid of warts such as prescription treatments for the more serious cases and over the counter remedies for one off occurrences.

It could also be a ganglion cyst, which is a swelling that occurs on or around tendons or joints of the ankle, foot and hand. They most frequently appear on the wrist and fingers. Ganglions that occurs on joints are connected to the actual joint and the leading theory at the moment to their cause is that a check valve forms that allows fluid out of the joint but not back in. The result is the swelling of a ganglion cyst. They are completely harmless and although they can be rather ugly when they get bigger, they will usually go away on their own. An outdated method of getting rid of ganglions is to strike it hard with a heavy book. This lead to the colloquial name Bible cyst, as even the most poorest of households owned a Bible that they could use to hit the cyst.
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I also have one and would like to know what it is.  I am 75 years old.  It does not go away at all if I squeeze it.  Please respond.  Helmet
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It could be a blister (but you would likely know how you got it) it could be an infected splinter of glass or something, or even a boil. Though boils are not very common. Sounds to me like you have either a water blister, or a wart.

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