How Do I Know If I Have Diabetes?


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The only way to really find out is to go to a doctor and he will order blood work to see if your glucose count is high. You do not say why you might think you do but some of the symptoms of diabetes are excessive thirst, nausea and blurred vision if your levels are really high. You can check your symptoms on WebMD. I have a family member who has it. If it is diagnosed early enough it can be controlled by diet and medication in pill form. If that doesn't work then you have to learn to give yourself shots everyday. If you suspect that you have this disease please see a doctor. If you don't you could have very, very serious complications with all your major organs and it could be life threatening if left unchecked.
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Well you need to check your blood sugar ,it is a blood test that you can do at your doctors office,or if you know some one who have sugar meter,but you have to be fasting you have to do the test first thing in the morning before you eat or drink anything. If you go to the bathroom a lot,you have a dry mouth,and you feel week and dizzy these are some of the signes.good luck.
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The absolute very moment it occurs to you that you might have diabeties, you need to totally cut out sugars. There is still a very slight chance that the condition could reverse itself, or so I have been told. Secondly, you will notice that you "go to the bathroom" a lot. What that means is that you pee, and pee, and pee! Your body is trying to get rid of whatever it is that is "taking you down." Don't think, I will drink a whole lot of water - and it will wash out whatever it is that I've got, because that simply doesn't work! You'll just pee and pee, more and more! Third. When this stuff truly begins to move into your blood stream, it normally, totally disrupts the tinly little blood vessels that are around and behind the eye. This is where most people suddenly "catch on" that they've got something seriously wrong going on! They grab a candy bar and head straight for the eye doctor. The eye doctor takes one look at them and says - YOU DON'T NEED NEW GLASSES! I am sorry to say, that all your seeing problems are coming from Diabeties! It is causing the blood vessels all over your body to swell or shrink or otherwise change - and the change is so great that it is causing the actual shape of your eyeballs to shift. That in turn, puts a sufficient pressure on the lens, which is easily strong enough to seriously distort you vision. And so, that is why you suddenly can't see very well at all. If he is a very kind soul, he may even tell you to go home and CUT OUT EVERYTHING with sugar. No Ice Cream, no candy, no gum, no diet drinks, no powdered drink mixes, no artificial sweetners or anything like all that stuff. . . and then, in a few weeks time, the swelling may relax behind and around your eyes(!) and that will at least allow you to begging to see normally again. But, here is the real kicker! You will still have the diabeties! It absolutely does not go away - and then you will know for absolute sure that you do have Diabetes.

Now for the good news. Researchers have found recently, very recently, that people who ate too much, who had the upper intestine cut away or removed, also came away with an added bonus! If they had diabeties, it was completely gone! And if they didn't have diabeties, they would never get it! Isn't that incredible! Having thus found that the diabeties truly has something to do with whatever is going on in the small intestine however, they are yet at a complete loss in regard to explaining why or what it truly is that is causing this absolutely dreadful disease. And if you haven't figured out by now that I have it, I must admit that I do, and I am therefore most interested in finding a cure for it. By the way, the article I mentioned above can be found somewhere on Science Daily. Go there and start "searching around!"
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The surest way to know is to have your blood tested for diabetes. You can have this done at most clinics and hospitals. Another way is to have your urine tested. This is generally done to see the level of sugar in your urine and is mostly conducted in the morning. Diabetes has some subtle symptoms as well. These symptoms include extreme thirst, extreme hunger or hunger pangs, frequent need to urinate, smelly fesses, dry itchy skin, tiredness and drowsiness due to no apparent reason, cramps or tingling in the feet and hands, a loss in weight, vision disorders and pain in the feet. The problem is that most of these symptoms can be for related problems as well. The hunger can be a result of acidity etc and so it's best to be safe and get tested.

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