Can High Blood Pressure Cause A Blood Vessel To Burst In The Eyes And Does It Hurt?


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Burst blood vessels in the eye, called subconjunctival haemorrhages, occur mainly in the tiny, fragile blood vessels within the conjunctivea, a clear membrane covering the white of the eye.

Usually noticeable as a dark or bright red patch on the eyeball, these bursts can be the result of a variety of trivial, normal events, such as coughing, sneezing, crying, straining or rubbing one's eyes.

Stress or heavy workout routines can also put excess pressure on the tiny vessels and cause them to burst.

High blood pressure or conjunctivitis, an infection of the eye, may at times also be the causes of burst vessels. Some blood thinning medications, such as warfarin and aspirin, for instance, can increase the risk of blood vessels in the eye.

This is equally the case with high doses of Vitamin E, fish oil and botanicals, such as garlic, St John's wort, cayenne and ginkgo biloba.

These occurrences are, however, rare and usual amounts in food or standard doses used in medication or supplements do not typically cause this sort of problem.

More often than not, no obvious cause can be determined. There are rarely any other main symptoms, although on occasion there may be some pain or slight irritation.

As a rule, these haemorrhages clear themselves up within a maximum of 10 days and do not require medical attention. Should this not be the case, or if any serious pain and changes in vision are experienced, consulting a doctor is advisable.

This is particularly important if the individual suffers from a bleeding disorder, has high blood pressure or if the burst was caused by an injury to the eye.

In these cases, if left untreated even what seemed to be a minor burst may ultimately lead to impaired vision, or in extreme cases even to blindness.
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A very high blood pressure or sudden rise in blood pressure can definitely cause minute capillaries in eyes to rupture which can be reflected as a red spots on the eye ball. It is an alarming condition. It doesn't really hurt but just gives a sense of discomfort.
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High blood pressure in the eye is called Glaucoma. Although I don't think that's what you were asking. I agree, high blood pressure could cause blood vessels to break just about anywhere there is a weakness.
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Well my question was how serious can having Glaucoma be since I know its related because my blood pressure is very high.
I been  having some pressure in chest I went to the hospital they saideverything was fine buy today I woke up with a red patch on the white part idly eye. My blood pressure was 138/110? I'm sure this is related can you tell my why this happened?

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