I Constantly Rearrange Things, Everything Even Furniture, I Can't Stand It Being The Same Way, It Just Looks Odd To Me. I'm Diagnosed With Borderline Personality Disorder. Is This A Trait Of BPD Or Is Ocd?


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In my opinion this sounds like you just described obssessive compulsiveness. I know that a person however can be capable of having both diagnosis at same time! If you're trying to constantly 'get comfortable', this could play into the ever changing mind of a borderline however..I know too that in my own travels through caring for others;  borderlines have always struck me with one symptom that across the board seems a centralized 'chunk' of their problem. It's what they don't have, not what they actually have, that seems so hard to live with. They seem to have no solid sense of self. It changes like a 'cameleon' depending on the circumstance, and people they are with. Soaking up what ever attitudes are all around them. There seems no integration of their good and more weak features and they see things in all black or all white. Persons with OCD have a driving need to keep going through the same ritualistic behaviours over and over again. Try to be patient with them..

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