How Would Having Narcissistic Personality Disorder Affect Their Finances?


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People with Narcissistic personality disorder focus unduly on themselves. They can be both reckless spendthrifts or downright miserly. It varies from person to person. The one who stringently puts away every penny would do so owing to his belief that everything that he owns is solely for his or her use and should not be spent on anyone else but stacked away for future. Another one with the same disorder would spend recklessly in order to cater to self-grooming and spoil themselves rotten with endless treats to self. So, both extremes can affect their finances differently. The former would be able to manage finances well at the expense of social relationships and compromise on needs and the latter would lead to financial ruin.
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Well people who love themselves wouldn't want to spend their money on someone else.  Gee, I just thought, that sounds like me.
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No - someone who loves themselves may not want to spend their money on you but they may want to spend your money on themselves. Be careful!

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