What Is A Rt. Infrahilar Nodule?


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• The full definition for Rt. Infrahilar nodule can be broken down to its four parts, some, where quoted, described by, an online medical dictionary.

• 'Rt.' is an abbreviation of right, as in the position sense i.e. To the right.
• 'Infra' means "a position below the part denoted by the word to which it is joined."
• 'Hilar' alludes to the "part of an organ where the nerves and vessels enter and leave." It can also mean "a depression or slit resembling the hilum in the olivary nucleus of the brain."
• A 'Nodule' is a small aggregation of cells that are capable of generating or reflecting sound waves.

• Therefore a right infrahilar nodule can be a small collection of solid skin that is present below the place of entry for the nerves and vessels of any of the human body's organs. They can be found in the lungs, liver, heart, kidneys and intestines as well as the remaining major organs.

• Nodules are usually benign articles and are often painless, although they can affect the functioning of one's organ so may be removed as a precaution. In most cases the removal will not have any lasting effects, but you should always seek professional medical advice if unsure. Please note - you should never solely rely on medical information found on the internet, or believe it to be specific to you.

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