Man Have A Pain Below Lower Stomach What Could It Be?


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There can be many causes for pain in the lower left part of the abdomen and the causes can be different for men and women. Such as:
- Gas
- Gallbladder disease
- Colon cancer
- Overeating
- Fatigue
- Food poisoning
- Appendicitis
In women:
- Premature Labor
- Ovarian cyst
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OK! I have felt pain in the same area for weeks now! Actually today is day 27 for me. It hurts, but its not unbearable, you know? I mean Its not like so awful I can't go on with my normal everyday life...but its does hurt:( I have also been super nauseous these 27 days...I went back to teh Dr yesterday and found out that I had had a cyst and it ruptured! That's why I was in pain....
you need to go to the Dr and they can do an ultra soud on you and let you know for sure!! :) Good luck!!
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Hi, Since you said you have lower left abdominal paid, it seems to be caused by diverticulitis which are normally located in the left side. To relief pain, you need to lie still and call your family and friends to ask them to send you to hospital. Sometimes abdominal pain need surgery.
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My friend also had this kind of problem. With her she had pulled a muscle. Well it was her diaphram and she stretched it but same thing. Ummmmm... When you cough does it hurt and I have a test. Cough and put your hand over the bottom part of your ribs on the left side. If it "pops out" then I'm guessing that's what it is so you should ice it then apply heat to it.
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If you have pain in your left abdominal side. It is extremely important to get your tests done if they are cleared then try doing yoga.
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It can be a pain of appendix as well , I think its best that you should get your husband full abdominal ultrasound scan as soon as possible. For further details on problems relating to pain below lower stomach area please visit this website:

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