I Think Ive Had Chlamydia For Ten Years , And Im Scared To See A Doctor?


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Don't be scared all the doctor is going to do is place you on pills for ten days then recheck you in three months... The reason why I know cause I use to have two years ago... And if you don't get checked or take meds it could damage you in sides lungs and liver and if it too bad you could die.. Believe me the doctor will keep it confidential and give you a plan...to get cured...I don't have it now and am doing better...well I hope you get better and good luck have a good day
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Chlamydia is the infection of genital tract caused by a bacteria. These bacteria are transmitted by infected partner through sex. There are no or few symptoms on early days of infection. Chlamydia is sexually transmitted disease and can be treated by use of antibiotics. Chlamydia if not treated then infection can spread to uterus and fallopian tubes leading to infertility. Other complications are eye infection (through infected hands), chronic pelvic pain etc. In case of infection in males, infections of prostate and epididymis take place.
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I think ive had chlamydia for about 10 years , but I'm scared to see a doctor.

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