What Causes Your Heart To Beat Real Big? My Beats Really Big At Times And I Get Really Tired.


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The heart sounds
like "lub – dub".  A person can feel the
sounds of heartbeat under different conditions like exercise and exertion due
to increase in blood pressure in order to supply more oxygen and get ride of carbon
dioxide. This is true for normal person with no heart disease. This problem can
be due to some heart diseases like regurgitation's through mitral valve and aortic
valve stenosis. I advise you to visit a cardiologist for proper diagnosis and
treatment. For more details, visit Heratbeat.
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There are a number of reasons of big heart beats. Some of the children have this problem since the time of their birth. If in a stage of life you suffer from the problem then following major factors can cause the big heart beat like:
·   Your emotions including anger, excitement, anxiety
·   Your improper diet like large meal
·   Excessive exercise and exertion, more than your ability
·   blood pressure issues
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Can't breath on a big heart beat

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