What Do Scalp Scales Look Like?


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Scalp scales look like big white patches on your head. It usually occurs if you are getting bald and nearing an old age. Scalp scales are also to be found on the younger generation. It not only is gross, but also very itchy and uncomfortable. In rare cases, it can lead to infection and further as skin cancer. It is very important to treat it as it may spread all over the body. If you are suffering from scalp scales, it is very important to go visit your doctor. The doctor will prescribe you the right shampoo, cream and pills for your betterment. You can also scrub your head, in case the scales dry up. Scrubbing will help getting rid of the ugly patches.
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Yes ,
In the early stage psoriasis may. Itchy skin and/or a burning sensation may be present.

Psoriasis present first for small usually red a knot in one's heart. Enlarge gradually and hit the form of tail. But often what looks like psoriasis fall off easily scale balance below the surface with glue. The little red a knot in one's heart development into plaques (red areas of increasing thick skin).

Put forward and thick piece of skin redness and swelling called "plaques" it is covered with silver scale.

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