Can Ulcers Affect The Liver?


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Liver cleans your blood from harmful agents and toxins which are present in you blood.One of the main cause of liver ulcers is too much drinking.When the concentration of harmful agents comes at the level that can't be beard by your liver then it starts making ulcers on you liver.So due to ulcers it stops cleaning blood like before and sends toxins to your other body parts through blood like heart or lungs etc.For further details you may check this site forliver diseases.
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I am sorry that you are diagnosed for liver diseases like hepatitis c. The hepatitis C is viral liver disorder caused by HCV. Due to this infection liver become inflamed and might develop lesions which cause many problems. Is unable to perform its function properly. There are no treatments are available for hepatitis C. Only managements are available. These managements put the patient in to chronic condition. So it is necessary to act upon doctor's advise.

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