Can Liver Damage Cause Back Pain , Nausea And Chest Pains?


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Pain in the lower back, focused where the liver is, and nausea can be symptoms of liver damage or liver disease. Chest pains are not something that are normally associated with liver damage however. Any symptoms, particularly those including chest pains, should be checked out by a doctor. The only way to really determine what the symptoms could be a sign of, is to have them diagnosed by a professional. If the symptoms have lasted for an unusually long time or have worsened, seek advice as soon as possible.

  • Vague liver damage symptoms.
Some of the vague liver damage symptoms that may be suffered include some pain in the liver or lower back, a general feeling of ill health and fatigue, a loss of appetite and a sick or nauseous feeling. The latter is normally experienced in the mornings and may be accompanied by diarrhea.
  • Specific liver damage symptoms.
Anyone suffering with the following symptoms may already have bad liver damage due to alcoholic hepatitis or cirrhosis. These symptoms include yellow eyes or yellow skin, vomiting blood, dark black stools, significant weight loss and periods of confusion or loss of memory.
  • Other symptoms.
A doctor who is looking for signs of liver damage may also look for the following symptoms: Tender and firm liver, red and mottled palms, partly white fingernails, thinning hair, swollen abdomen, enlargement of the male breasts and weakness and wasting of the muscles. The doctor may also ask the patient about any drink related problems that affect family relationships, work, financial issues or lead to trouble with the police.

The symptoms listed in your problem could be a sign of liver damage but as they are reasonably vague, it is also possible that they are an indication of a different problem. A doctor will be able to best advise about the situation.

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