Why Do My Feet Get Cold, Numb and Painful At Night?


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The most common cause of cold, numb and painful feet is poor circulation - which is particularly likely if you’re getting these symptoms at night, as that’s when the temperature is at its lowest.

If the blood isn’t getting to your feet properly, of course your poor toes are going to feel a bit strange!

How Do I Know If I Have Poor Circulation?
My daughter has pretty bad circulation, and it’s always a lot worse in winter. I can always tell when it’s particularly-poor, because she has the following symptoms:

  • Cold extremities - nose, hands and feet
  • Blue-tinted lips
  • Gets cold easily
  • Takes a long time to warm up after coming inside
What Can I Do To Improve Poor Circulation?
Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about poor circulation, other than to find out what makes it worse. Try the following things, and see if your feet start feeling better:

  • Improve your diet - especially if you’re diabetic
  • Wrap up warm
  • Don’t smoke
  • Get regular exercise
What Else Can Cause My Feet To Be Cold, Numb And Painful?
You could have a thyroid problem, as this can interfere with the way your body regulates its temperature. If you think this is likely, tell your doctor, and get him or her to check it out for you.

Your feet are going to hurt a lot more when they're cold, so get yourself a nice pair of fluffy socks and put them on when you get home.

Wool-lined slippers are also really good for keeping your feet warm, and they feel lovely and cosy, too!
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You could have circulatory problems, especially if you have heart disease or have diabetes.  I would see the doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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