I Get Muscle Pain Or Cramps In My Ankle And Calf At Night In Bed But Not During The Day. What Should I Do?


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The muscle pain or cramps that occur through the night could well be down to reduced potassium levels in the body. Not sure why, but my friend suffered from the same problem and his Doctor told him to get potassiums supplements from the pharmacy to alleviate the symptoms. He did this and there appeared to be a marked improvement.
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Epictetus is correct on this one I believe.  Potassium is the culprit.  Eat bananas before bed and this should help. If it doesn't improve after a few nights, see your doctor.  I'd try a natural source first tho and bananas are the best for potassium.
Good Luck!
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Eat Tums. You need Calcium in your diet.
Tums antacid tablets are a cheap source of Calcium

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