I Want To Know About Choledoco Cyst. Can Anyone Help?


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Choledochal Cysts are congenital in which bile duct is abnormally large.  Jaundice and pancreatitis are common symptoms. Surgery is the best solution. Previously the cyst with abnormal bile duct  was left like in your case but now it is recommended to remove abnormal part of  bile duct and bring small intestine up and sutured. If the cyst and abnormal bile duct are not removed, 70% chances of re-surgery are there. Also this old type of surgery causes many complications. For more details, Visit Choledochal Cyst.
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Ygilani I just found out I have Choledochal cysts with maybe Caroli disease. Have you gotten any new information on this rare disease. May I ask why you are not a candidate for a liver transplant. I see the liver doctor in three weeks.


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I need my bile duct removed because I have enlargr bile duct with cyst that will get cancer if not removed I am so afraid of this surgery can any one help did any one have this done thanks am from ireland
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I did not have caroli disease,  The cyst I had was inside my liver on my bile ducts.  I had a fantastic liver doctor who cut open the cyst, cleaned it out and created new bile ducts.  I am not a candidate for a liver transplant because my liver is not diseased.  A big portion of my left liver has been removed.  According to my doctor there is only a 3% chance I would need surgery again.  If you want to take a second opinion you can call dr. Levi at the university of miami school of medicine - 305-243-9380

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