What Are The Alternatives To Gall Bladder Removal--no Quackery Please?


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What Are The Alternatives To Gall Bladder Removal--no Quackery Please?  Help! I need to know the alternative to gall bladder surgery. I have all the classic symptoms, including pain directly at the site. I've received consultation for surgery, but have review all the "after surgery" problems that can occur and want to see if there are any "REAL" alternatives. The gall bladder is a vital organ. I want to find a way to remove the problem and save the organ. I don't want some quackery fix that will make the elective surgery become an emergency to get surgery--i.e. Increasing the problems. Thanks
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I have also been diagnosed, via ultra-sound, with gallstones and am facing surgery. My question is that how can it be that an organ that has a function, albeit non-vital, can be removed. Right now I am experiencing pain because the stones are blocking the neck to the gallbladder. If it is removed, and not replaced with an alternative item, then what is the difference. Essentially the neck will still be blocked in fact blocked with no chance of ever un-blocking. If I have medical problems because of the stones and it not working properly, then how is removing it going to solve or correct the problems, it seems it will only heighten the situation that I already have. Do doctor sometimes take the easiest route because they want to spend more time on the golf course?
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It is a very serious issue and only a physician can know exactly what has to be done. Sometimes when the symptoms are acute, you don't have any alternative but to remove the gall bladder. In milder cases, medicines are used to dissolve the gall stones which is very effective method. In certain cases where the gall stones are blocking the bile ducts, ERCP is done, through which bile duct is enlarged and stones are removed. Also ultrasound waves or Lithotripsy is used to remove the stones. But you need to discuss it with your doctor. If you think it necessary consult another doctor as well for second opinion.
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GAllbladder removal is usually the only method of treatment, because if you do remove the stones then they usually come back within a couple of months because I had the stones taken from my gallbladder and then they grew back and then I had to have surgery to remove my gallbladder. Talk to your physician though and see what he says he may be able to recommend something else!
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After studying medicine for 15 years ive concluded that gallbladder removal is the best and the only option for treatment of a diseased gallbladder.
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Google gall bladder cleanse. If we can block it, we can unblock it. For very little effort the stones can be passed and the system cleansed. Removal is almost never necessary, but then ask a surgeon for an opinion and they're going to recommend surgury.

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