What Is A Cyst?


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A cyst is said to be healthy, I've never had one myself but have had family members that have them it is sort of like a pocket that forms which waste from the body accumulates and has to be lanced or open by a Dr. It is waste and toxins that the body can not rid itself of it all flows to one spot and causes a lump that is painful and will pain until its contents are release either by lancing it or antibiotics or both depending on size and location,they can be located in a number of places on the body,I've known people to have them....armpit,tip of the spine,buttock etc. The Dr. Says it is waste that could not exit the body any other way,and it is healthy because at least it exited. Hope this helps and is a simple explanation.
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Located in body tissue, a cyst is a walled-off sack of gaseous, liquid, semisolid, or solid material.
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Cysts can be defined as a collection of fluids and semi-fluid substances in a cavity within the body formed as a result of some abnormalities. Cyst is formed within a sac and it has a distinct membrane and it develops abnormally.

Cysts can occur on any location in the body, but there are certain common body parts that get affected by cysts. Each cyst is known by different names based on the location they are found in including ganglion cyst at tendons and joints, ovarian cyst at ovaries, pilonidal cyst at the skin near tailbone, renal cyst on kidneys, radicular cyst at the roots of teeth, keratocyst in the jaws, and glial cyst in the brain.

There are some other forms of cysts also including paratubal cyst, vocal fold cyst, bronchial cyst, Tarlov cyst, and dentigerous cyst.

A single cyst found in the body during a medical examination may usually be harmless, but if a number of cysts are found in any organ they need to be tested further as there is a chance for a disease or major infection in that particular organ.
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Cysts are basically sacks of liquid, and when they are ovarian, they're usually benign. Sometimes they drain by themselves (you all of a sudden have to go pee and then at your next check-up your doc can't find it), and sometimes they stay, and just grow bigger and bigger, as in my case. Currently, I have a cyst that makes me look 7 months pregnant, and the only symptoms were the growth itself, fatigue, and dizziness sometimes. I am going to have it surgically removed on the 9th of June, b/c it is so big and could kill me by putting too much pressure on my lungs. It is benign. So don't worry about trusting your doctor. Cysts are mysterious things, and everyone is different, so don't expect your case to be like everyone else's.
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Generally cysts are harmless growths formed sometimes as a result of an infection. Usually when they get too big and start to cause a nuisance to other body structures, they are removed. Cysts come in different types and are common in ovaries. Don't worry
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If I have a cysts and have to have it removed will I still have kids
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An ovarian cyst is a fluid -filled sac that develops on the ovaries.  Most cysts are benign and will not be harmful but some can be. There are many different types and here is a  link where you can check it out.www.ovarian-cysts.com

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