I've Had My Gall Bladder Removed, But I Still Get Attacks, Why?


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My mom had the same thing happen in June,and the doctor said she might still had some gallstones left,so that might be the case here
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Thanks, except that I never had gallstones, just a non-functioning gallbladder. I have read in other places that it could be that I'm just sensitive to the same foods that I was before. What if I didn't need to have it removed?? Well, it wasn't working, anyway. But the doctor said the scar tissue may be attaching to other parts of that area and causing pain. Ugh!
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I have the same problem 3 years ago i had my gallblader remove and i had no gall stone but removed it anyway. But i still get the same pain that last for 20 to 4 hours long i have gone to the er but i always get that it's acid reflux. Please i know what acid reflux feels like and this is not close to it. And i always get diarrhea after i eat. So if i need to go somewhere i don't eat. Can someone help

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