What Is The Life Expectancy Of Acute Liver Failure With No Medical Attention?


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Life expectancy for liver failure
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What is the life expectancy of an 70 year old who isn't very mobile and for the last week 1/2 has been on a driver pumping him with morphine every 10 minutes
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Acute liver failure is the sever damage to liver cells. This can cause hepatic encephalopathy, hepatic coma, renal failure and many more. At this stage prognosis is poor. With the symptoms of hepatic coma and renal failure 80% patient is almost dead. If patient is still not having these functions then liver transplant can work with good prognosis.
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Patient is in stage 5 of renal faliure. He is a 88 year old male and showing signs such as sleeping all the time, not eating well, stomach is starting to bloat. Not a candidate for further medical care. How much time does he have left?
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That is up to the individual and the man upstairs.  The individual will know when the time is near and the man will take him then.  The patient may be on a donor list.  If that were to be a success, I have a friend who has lived 14 years with a new liver.  
If a person is in this shape, they have the luxury of knowing when it is time.  
If a person is taken in a accident, they did not have that luxury, yet they did not have the suffering.  So which is better or worse?

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