What Is A Weiss Ring In Eye?


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These types of things are also commonly known as floaters. This is caused by caused by opacities in the vitreous casting a shadow on the retina. The majority of these results from vitreous degeneration and is more common amongst the myopic and elderly population. The condition is benign in most cases but they may be a potentially serious retinal problem.
A Weiss ring is a large, ring-shaped floater that floats around in the eye and is usually seen more clearly against a light background. It may dart around with the movements of the eye, or move aimlessly back and forth in the vision when the eye is still - like most floaters
A Weiss ring floater is a floater that's larger in size - unlike the typical tiny, dot and string-like floaters that float in most people's vision. A Weiss ring floater forms when the vitreous tissue that surrounds the optic nerve in the back of the eye separates from it and floats around freely in the vitreous humor - a process known as vitreous detachment.
When a person develops a Weiss ring floater or new floaters, particularly if they're large in number, it's important to see an ophthalmologist. Seeing a Weiss ring is a sign that the vitreous has detached from the
retina. Although a Weiss ring floater is benign, occasionally a small retinal tear occurs during detachment which can be vision threatening and needs immediate attention.
Weiss ring floaters are no more serious than other floaters, although when one appears it's important to get a full eye exam to rule out a retinal tear.
Reports suggest that the success rate of a particular floater cure depends hugely upon the type of floater one is suffering from. The success rate with Weiss ring floaters is said to be around 95%
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I am opthalmo trainee
how to see them? I have been trying very hard.
Is it like a ring appearance near optic disc alone,
or does it count if it far from optic disc.
As the vitreous attachment are margin of optic disc, macula, blood vessel, ora serrata.
Any comment?
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Ring of the refraction about the light
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These are the entoptic images of opacities.These are the small rings seen against a bright background. The are annoying but medically harmless.For further details click here. Take care.
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Actually these are not small rings. When the vitreous separates from the optic disc, it's ring-like attachment is visible to the patient as a large floater - this is called a Weiss Ring. The Weiss ring wont go away unless a vitrectomy is done. BUT the risk of vitrectomies include infection, bleeding, retinal detachment and the development or progression of a post operative cataract is almost inevitable. So being said that, most retinal surgeons won't do this surgery. Hope this helps..

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