After Gall Bladder Removal, Almost 1year Later, I Suddenly Have Severe Diarrhea, (can't Keep Anything In For Over 2 Weeks) Occasional Nauseousness, Not Much Appetite, And Stool Is Watery Yellow. What Should I Do?


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Cause of diarrhea after gall bladder removal is not fully understood. It is believed that gall bladder which stores the bile is removed and now bile is going directly to intestine. This can cause diarrhea. About 20% of the peoples get diarrhea after gall bladder removal. It can be treated by prescription medicines to treat diarrhea, diet rich in fiber, medicines to reduce bile acids. Nausea can be due to fat intake. Avoid taking fats. Role of dietary supplements in the bile related diarrhea has no scientific evidences. Only precautions and feeding habits can work for you. Among natural medicines, China clay or kaolin containing medicines can work.
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I completely understand... Been there, still there at times.  When my doctor finally prescribed a medication to stop the diarrhea, it seemed like a miracle.. Unfortunately, I would get constipated when I took it.  I tried to take it only when I was going somewhere.  Eating yogurt daily helps (but you're already taking a probiotic, I see).  Like rayoflight said, diet high in fiber... Avoid fatty foods.  Good luck to you!

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