What Causes Leg & Foot Cramps Too Much Or Too Little Potassium?


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I have problems with leg cramps...always happens while I'm sleeping... Very painful!  Yes, it's too little potassium.  Bananas, orange juice... Look one the web for potassium rich foods.  I try to buy cereal with lots of potassium.  Check the labels.  One thing I've heard can be dangerous is to take potassium without a doctor's instructions.  It's defnitely something to take care of.  I had back surgery a few years ago, and before the surgery they had to give me potassium because mine was low.  This can be very dangerous.  What if you needed emergency surgery?  Not a good predicament to be in.
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To little eat bananas this will help an when you ge these cramps try putting your bare foot on cool floor this helps take the cramp a whole lot quicker

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