My Doctor Did A Blood Test For Herpes. My Doctor Said I Was Exposed To Both. I Heard It Is Hard To Distinguish Between The 2 Types Of Herpes, And Test Results Might Be Wrong.


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There are three basic ways through which someone is diagnosed with herpes.
1. A doctor will visually inspect the inflamed and irritated area and can make a general diagnosis.
2.  A blood test can determine if you have herpes because of the antibodies that your body will produce. But generally,  herpes has to be in your system for about two months before this one works.
3.  A culture will be able to determine if you have herpes and which type you have.

It is true that herpes is not something you can be cured of, but there are measures you can take to avoid breakouts: Limit amounts of stress and sleep more (this way your body's natural defenses will be strong enough to suppress the infection), don't wear tight clothing (this can cause the skin to be irritated), and avoid excessive amounts of UV rays (this also irritates the skin and can lead to breakouts).

All you have to do is a simple Google search to find tons of information on how to live your life with herpes. I mean EVERYTHING is out there: Advice, remedies, which medicines work best, and even herpes dating sites.

Good luck. I hope you get it all sorted out soon.
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I don't have answers,I actually have a question. I had been in an exclusive relationship for more than a year until my boyfriend and I took a brief break. During that break I slept with my ex husband only once. A week later, I began to feel a burning sensation. A month later my boyfriend and I reunited.I had a conversation with my ex's niece &she disclosed that he had multiple partners,I went to have myself checked for STD'S. Two weeks later,my results came back positive for HERPES 1&2.My ex claims he got tested and the results were negative. I havent had any outbreaks,could my results have possibly been false?
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Eventually I had a "culture" done for herpes, and the results were negative!   I was diagnosed with follicularitus and was told not to pick, scratch, etc. And that my body is healing, but it is healing slow because I keep messing with it.   My skin got infected and I developed MRSA, which I was put on antibiotics for.   I have to use the mucipurin (sp) ointment every month for the next 6 months in case I am a mrsa carrier.  I have to wash with hibiclens (bacterial wash) and put ointment on the effected areas.
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I am sorry that you are suffering the way that you are!!
You will suffer for long periods of time as your body gets use to the virus.When it flurs up ( the germvirus attacks the body in such a way ) that it is trying to protect itsalf. All that stuff happening to you is your body protecting itself.I am sorry to say if your doctor has not told you that you will have this problem for the rest of your lift. If you have INTERNET access you can look up herbs, (believe it or not!) SPICES( that you cook with) to RELIEVE you of SYMPTIMS!! But not cure you.
I wish you the best.
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You are not telling the truth - i have looked on the internet and have the exact same symptoms as a sebaceous cyst. i am going to a dermatologist. and, my stupid dr. Said the only way you know if it is hsv2 is to have a culture taken and her lab doesn't have that type of test.
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