What Will Elevate The Swelling Of Your Liver And Pancreas?


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If you feel bloated, and are experiencing discomfort in the mid to lower abdominal area, especially pain when pressing just below the stomach area, you may be exhibiting symptoms of an inflamed pancreas - pancreatitis. This is often accompanied by nausea, difficulty eating and even vomiting.

One of the most common causes is alcohol abuse... And if you even THINK you may be drinking too much, you are. If you aren't a heavy drinker, you can still develop pancreatitis from a number of causes, for instance gall bladder disease, gall stones, too many to name. BTW, overweight females over the age of 40 are especially susceptible to pancreatitis.

Please be aware that this can only be diagnosed by a doctor in a clinical setting, and if untreated, can lead to serious complications - even death. Please seek treatment at once, avoid alcohol and fatty foods and don't take any sort of laxative until you have seen a doctor. Good luck!
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Tylenol or alcohol
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You need to be more specific about your question because liver and pancreas do not swell, fluid collection inside the abdomen causes swelling.
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What will elevate the extreme swelling of the abdomen caused by fluids collections and believed to also be caused by the liver and/or pancreas malfunctioning?

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