Do You Lose Your Hair If You Have Liver Cancer?


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I think the same it is the treatment itself that causes the hair loss I don't think everyone looses all there hair but the majority do loose most of it,but although devastating and confidence loss in loosing your hair it is best to get the treatment when offered if it could save your life take care
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Hair loss is a symptom of liver cancer (actually it is one of only three cancers that make you lose hair). In other forms of cancer people lose their hair from the treatment of their cancer, whether it be radiation treatment, chemotherapy, and many other forms of treatment.
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I am not certain, but I have lost my grandpa and a friend to cancer, and it appears as though the treatments {chemotherapy, etc.} are what causes hair loss & not necessarily the disease itself.  May God bless you and keep you well for a very long time.  I sincerely hope my answer was of some help to you.
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Hair loss is not a symptom of cancer.  It is an adverse effect to the chemotherapeutic drugs on the market.  They target fast-reproducing cells in the body.  This includes cancer cells, hair and skin cells and cells that line the GI tract and the mouth.  Because it targets these cells, the patient can experience nausea and vomiting, mouth ulcers and hair loss.
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Yes, hair loss is one of the symptom of liver cancer. Liver cancer can be metastatic liver cancer or hepatocellular cancer. Other signs and symptoms include
  1. Abdominal pain
  2. Weight loss
  3. Unexplained fever
  4. Ascites
  5. Jaundice

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With liver cancer you may not live long enough to even worry about loosing your hair! It is a gnarly unforgiving and efficient form of cancer. If it is you then good luck and I will pray for you. I have know people that developed this and it is not pretty. The only other cancer that people I have known have developed beside liver is this and the lymph gland cancer, I believe they are connected or part of the same system. They work fast, less than a year at best, the other 6 weeks. I guess if you have $$$ there are treatments, look at Patrick Swazi, he at first only had 6 months but I understand now is still hear and doing great?
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Genetics are the biggest reason for hair loss.  Even though it doesn't run in his family, this could be due to a recessive gene
from long ago that's come to surface in your husband.  We know of
traits that only our ancestors could have had that lie dormant and come
alive in one sibling after countless generations.  It's odd, but it
happens.  Sleeping problems can also cause a variety of problems as
well.There are no cancers that would cause hair loss that I know of,  but
what I do know, is the treatments for cancers are the culprit here.  If I
can find any cancer that does this, I'll add it on.  Good luck.

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Could not be, hair loss can be due to over exposure to sunlight or use of some relevant product and that stuff 
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I  think   it  could   not  be  hair loss is one of the symptom of liver cancer
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People lose hair because of your brain cannot think of you so if you have lung cancer quit smoking and get a life

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