How Can I Tell The Difference Between A Boil And A Hemorrhoid?


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People often have difficulty distinguishing between boils, hemorrhoids and cysts.

Whilst the best way to tell the difference would probably be to visit your doctor, you may be able do a bit of self-diagnosis too.

The difference between boils, hemorrhoids and cysts 
  • Hemorrhoids are best described as 'distended veins' around the anus. Bleeding is a very common sign of hemorrhoids.
  • Boils are raised bumps on the skin that are usually yellow in color. They can appear anywhere in the body, and usually form around a clogged-up hair follicle.
The cause of boils is bacterial in nature, and the painful swellings can become filled with pus.

  • A cyst is basically any type of 'bubble' that forms on the skin. A cyst can contain air, water, or other materials - but never contains pus (otherwise it'd be called an abscess).
However, whilst the above info might help you tell the difference between boils, hemorrhoids and cysts, I wouldn't take anything for granted. 

If you're concerned about a lump or bump on your body, my advice would be to visit your local healthcare provider. Only then can you get a proper diagnosis, and treatment (if any is required).

Good luck!

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