What Does A Red Line Going Up Your Leg When You Have An Infection?


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This is a dangerous sign that can indicate blood poisoning. You are not just suffering from a basic infection but instead you are in serious danger. You need to see your doctor right now to discuss treatment. It would be even better, however, if you could get to the hospital and see a medical professional there as soon as possible.

You must recognize the severity of the condition you are currently suffering from. The most common sign of blood poisoning, which you should look for, is a rapid heart beat, a rise or decline in body temperature, flushed skin, and shaking chills. A red streak, like you have outlined, will be seen going from an infected wound towards the direction of the heart.

Once this poisoning has had chance to advance then you will suffer from dangerous dilation of blood vessels throughout your body. Your blood pressure could also drop pretty rapidly and cause shock. Ultimately, this kind of blood problem can cause death which is why all you should be focused on doing right now is getting to the emergency part of your nearest hospital and seeking help. At the point where you can enter a state of shock you will also start breathing incredibly quickly. Try and get an ambulance to pick you up from your home so that you do not enter shock whilst you are driving. Failing that just get a loved one to take you to the hospital as soon as possible. Make sure they realize that it is a matter of urgency, as you are suffering from a potentially fatal problem.

Blood pressure is caused by there being pathogenic microorganisms present in the blood. The doctor will explain everything to you properly whilst they are giving you your treatment in hospital. Get there as soon as you can.
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It is blood poisoning, and it can turn into gangrene, this person needs to get to the hospital as soon as you can get him there, as this is really life threatening. Hope this helps, now get to the doc. Good luck.
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I am not a doctor but I do think it could mean they have blood poisoning from the infection.  They should see a doctor.  :)
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I had one of these on my wrist and it got all the way up to my shoulder. It is a infection of the blood and the red line is heading from the cut(source of infection) to your heart. I was hospitalized for three and a half days and was given HEAVY antibiotics through IV. This is very serious and who ever has one needs to get the hospital ASAP. Good luck, you will be fine if you get to the hospital.
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Don't take chances with your health,seek answers from the medical community.....Your PCP Dr.  
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The infection is spreading, if it was red on only a certain area on your body,and suddenly it was going further, the infection is spreading.
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That is normally a sign of blood poisoning. Get to the doctor as soon as possible.
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My mom always told me this is a sign of infection . So I would go see a doctor to get a professional opinion and possibly anti biotics
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It could and usually does mean that the infection is getting worse, and that you need to see a Dr. Immediately.

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