What Causes My Ankles To Swell And A Red Rash Running From My (sock Line) Up The Calves Of My Legs When I Walk Outside Or Ride A Long Period Of Time? This Happens When I Go To An Amusement Park. I Am Not Overweight And Have Been Checked For Diabetes.


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I had something similar to this I went to a hospital and told me my blood vessels were damaged the red spots is basically the visual blood the name of what I was told it was is:henoch-schonlein purpura he told me I had to sit and wait until it was gone I was not too happy with this answer so I went somewhere else and I was prescribed painkillers, for the swelling (cause I couldn't walk as it was painful) they told me to be on my feet less, they also prescribed some antibiotic to help heal my vessels faster and as a home remedy my mom cut open Aloe plants and rubbed them on my legs which soothed the pain a lot!!

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