My Tonsils Are Swollen And The Little Bell In The Middle Has Come Loose, Is This Bad?


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Rena Chisholm answered
Sounds like you need to see a doctor. You might have tonsilitis, strep throat or something of that nature.
If you are running a temperature, then see a doctor for sure, as this is a sign of infection.
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Anonymous answered
I had a fever but it went down... Now what scares me is the random bump I feel in the middle of my throat that feels like it could block my nasal cavities I guess its what it is in the back of your throat.
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Hello Boss answered
I agree that this could be serious and might require a tonsillectomy. Only your Doctor could know positively, Go find out, RIGHT NOW !!
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linda lola answered
You appear to have tonsil itus you should go to your doctor get it checked out

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