My Tongue Becomes Dry And Hard While Sleeping. I Have Problems Urinating,s Wallowing, Swelling Of The Throat As Well. What Could It Be?


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Bells palsy is a condition where the patient feels numbess, tingling or loss of sensation in one part of the face. Do you have any symptoms of facial paralysis? However, these could possible be the signs of bells palsy. There is no specific test for bells palsy, but the doctor may test you for Lymes disease, herpes simplex, or other infection. The doctor may also presribe imaging studies to dertermine there is not something other than bells palsy going on. An antiinflammatory medication may be prescribe to help control the symptoms of bells palsy, but most people are cured in 1 to 3 months.
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Thank you Kathy, Dr. Has prescribed Valtrex and ordered blood tests.
Yes, facial paralysis, headache, high blood pressure, blurred vision.
He mentioned possible Herpes.

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