I Have Swollen Parotid Glands, What To Do?


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Swollen glands can be a sign of many things. 10 years ago I had reoccurring gland swelling in my left parodid gland. After several treatments for strep throat my doctor finally said she didn't believe I had strep and that since anti-biotics seemed to clear up the problem she continued with this treatment when the problem reoccurred. A year or so later I had a weird rash on my nose and cheeks. My new doctor thought Lupus and sent me to a rheumatologist who diagnosed me with Sjogrens Syndrome. Recently I found out that parodid gland swelling is linked to Sjogrens. You may/may not have this but would'nt hurt to do a symptoms check . Try the Sjogrens Syndrome Foundation web site. Also, try the social security web site. Look under disabilities. Look for list of disabilities. Click on the one that mentians immunity problems. Sjogrens is at the bottom of the list. I actually got a lot more information on this site than other sites. Hope this helps. It wouldn't hurt to get a full blood work up with a rheumatologist anyway.
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All the symptoms, which you are telling, are of mumps. Mumps are inflammation of paratoid glands due to viral infection. Symptoms include, fever, loss of appetite, headache and swelling and pain in paratoid glands or in jaw and cheeks. The swelling of paratoid gland can be bacterial, viral or autoimmune (Lupus). Treatment is different according to etiology. Further investigations are required. I advise you to change your doctor and lab for 2nd opinion.

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