I Think I May Have Fibromyalgia! What Can I Do?


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Actually, with this being such a fairly new disease out there. There are many clinics and hospitals doing trial studies on patients who are showing symptoms. If you can do a little research on the hospitals/ clinics in your area, I bet you will be able to find one. It sounds to me like you fit the criteria.
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Yes.  And it is not terribly predictable in my case.  It leaves me completely exhausted for about 3 days after.  I have noticed that I tend to get cluster headaches around about the time it is flaring up, although this is not always the case.
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Yes, I have fibro and am experiencing these symptoms now. It is extremely frustrating. I also have spasmodic cervical dystonia so the two together are a really great time, let me tell you.  Part of the day I have chills and part of the day I am sweating profusely because I'm so hot.  I think one of the things playing into this is the fact that I also have autoimmune thyroid disorder (Hashimoto's) and it may be playing with my internal thermostat.
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The latest way to test for fibromyalgia is a simple blood pressure test. If the tourniquet around your arm causes you pain then the doctors will consider fibromyalgia. They will most likely do tests on your muscles and nerves to rule out other illnesses before making a firm diagnosis though. If your doctor says you are just washed out or doesnt take your claims seriously, consider changing your doctor. I have had 5 years of pain, pins and needles in my arms and hands and fatigue. I have just found a doctor that has referred me to a specialist who says I have fibromyalgia. Some doctors still just think its an imaginary illness.
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I have been suffering from Fibromyalgia for 17 years! They press on your pressure points, I was 18 out of 18, so I feel like everyday when I wake up like a semi ran me over!! Every muscle feels so sore! A lot of drs. Still will not fess up that it is REAL!!!
What you said, yes, it sounds like you have it, my cat about kills me when he walks on me!!! It feels like he is stepping on a bad bruise! I'm om Percocet. In the beginng, they were trying me on muscle relaxants, ant- depression meds that has some pain meds in them. I'm miserable!! I have a lot of other health problems, I have notice when I talk to someone with FIBRO. Have other health issues, do you suffer from any other health issues? I wish you well! God Bless 👼 denise
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It is a disorder of the nervous track. It can create intense pain over your entire body. I am not sure how it is diagnosed. My sister has it and an old neighbor had it. The medication can sometimes knock you out when an attack is severe and your grateful.  There is no known cause or cure. Some say it is caused by mental or physical abuse and it is your body's reaction. Some say it is genetic. Some say it is a disease for the hypochondriac. I'm sure there is much better information on webmd.com.
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I have a strong family history of rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, etc, and I myself have been under extreme mental and emotional trauma. thanks for you help
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With fibromyalgia, you can go to a rheumatologist and get tested/evaluated--there are 18 fibromyalgia tender points that they will check.  You might also have chronic pain syndrome.

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