I Have Numbness And Tingling In My Right Perineal Area, Buttock And Right Foot For Three Days Constant, What Could It Be?


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Numbness and tingling also called sensory loss or Paresthesia. It always involve nerves and can affect any area of the body. There are many possible reasons of this condition like sitting or standing position for long duration, nerve injury, disk herniation, reduction in blood supply due to atherosclerosis, some diseases like diabetes, MS, seizures, stroke, hypothyroidism and migraine. Other reasons are radiotherapy, toxicity due to alcohol, tobacco and lead, Vitamin deficiency and electrolyte imbalance.
Above mentioned reason are for
numbness in all areas. Your problem can be due to any one of above discussed reasons. So, some tests and radiological investigations are needed to diagnose correctly. Please visit to neurologist for this purpose.

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