What Is My Right Hip & Right Buttock Pain & Stiffness Caused By?


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It certainly sounds like you do have a pinched nerve in your lower back or sacral area where the nerves all branch out. You could have have twisted some way, or you could have bent the wrong way, or stretched the wrong way. If it continues to bother you do need to see a Dr to get relief off that nerve.
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It certainly sounds like a disk problem.  Nerves that being impinged in the thoracic (midlevel) and the lumbar (low back) area certainly can cause numbness, a grabbing-type pain, along with muscle spasms in those areas.  It is most often a degenerative disk problem, but sometimes can be brought on by an injury.  You should see a pain management specialist who can do an MRI or Discography to isolate the problem.  Medication doesn't get rid of the problem either.  You may be referred to a physical therapist.  When the pain is in the low back and the hip, the involvement of both areas suggest a back problem which causes referred pain into the hip.  Is the pain going into the inside of your groin or thigh?  Numbness, burning and tingling all indicate a damaged nerve which rarely goes away by itself.  I would certainly see a doctor.  The longer a nerve is impinged, the more damage is done to the nerve, and the longer it takes after treatment for it to go away completely.  Sometimes it may never go away.  Good luck, from a fellow back pain sufferer!
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I have the same problem - and I have noticed that it is b/c I have been keeping my wallet in my back right pocket...and I sit down at a desk all day long. Thus, I have altered the alignment of my hips by placing my weight upon it unevenly for 40 hours a week for the past 5 years!!

I now keep my wallet in my front pocket or in my bag.
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When you have that 'shooting pain' going from your back to your hip, and also down the outside of your leg, I have been told it is Sciatica. The nerve (Sciatic Nerve) is usually pinched or under pressure in the low back and the hip is affected with severe pain at times. From there, the nerve travels down the outside of leg - this is where the pinching, burning and numb feelings are located. Some days, the pain is too extreme to sit or stand at all, all day and all night. I average 15 to 20 hours of sleep per week when it acts up and roughly 25 to 30 on a good week. At 8 hours per night, you get 56 hours of sleep for the 'average' person. 

I have been out of work because of this for 5 years. When my insurance ran out because I was not working anymore, I went to the local Health Department in my county. I live in Tennessee and it is awful if you have no income or insurance. This injury has completely sidelined my life and I can't get a doctor because I have no insurance or money for co-pay up front. EVERY place the Health Department, and two other county doctor departments, will give referrals and I thought I was going to be seen. Thank God, at last I can find out what is definitely wrong. All I would need at the seven different diagnostic offices and orthopedic offices is insurance or, the cheapest priced one was $400.00. Expenses would run $1500 to $3000 just for MRI. X-rays can be relatively cheap, but when $45 per x-ray is charged and they take five shots, that is $225.00. 

This is why they won't see me, I have no income to surrender for services. Anybody else like that out there?    -  I'll bet my watch and warrant there is. Can anyone relate to this? Can anyone help? I can't work. It is everything I can do to sit this long - I will be laying down in the bed again because of my hip pains(both sides). I can't stand long at all either. Somebody, PLEASE help...

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