What Does A Throbbing Pain In The Groin Area Mean?


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To add to the other answer, it could also be a swollen gland, which can occur if you're unwell.
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Can you feel a single, soft lump? A hernia can form in vaious sites in the body, but mostly occur in the groin, when it is called an inguinal hernia. In this case, a weakness, in the muscular wall of the abdomen allows a loop of intestine to push into the groin. Pain is caused as the weak muscle fibres are pushed open and stretretched still further and there is also a distinct bulge that can vary in size from quite tiny to several inches in diameter.

Is pain worse if you draw up your knee?
Few muscle strains are more likely to put a professional sportsman out of action than a groin strain. The muscles and tendons affected run underneath the inguinal ligament and allow you to bring your thigh up against the abdomen

Is your urine bloodstaind?
The passage of the kidney stone, however small, from the kidney down the draining tube ( the ureter) to the bladder can produce pain anywhere in the loin and the front of the abdomen, right down into the groin and the testicles on the affected side. The pain is usually excruciatingly sharp and often associated with bloodstained urine.

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