What Body Organs Are Affected By Breast Cancer?


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Obviously the first part of the body to be affected by breast cancer is the breast, but this can spread to organs in the immediate vicinity, therefore lungs and the liver. It can also spread to the lymph nodes, which means that cancerous cells can spread throughout the entire body via the lymphatic system.

It is vital for anybody (and this includes men because breast cancer is not only confined to women even though there are more instances of women having it) who notices any changes in their breasts to have them checked. The obvious reaction is to panic if we think that there is any chance of us having cancer, but very often the check up is precautionary and there are other explanations for the changes.

Having said that, there are some times when it is cancer and is important that it is diagnosed as early as possible so that treatment has a better chance of being successful, because it will not go away on its own.

If you are unsure on the best ways to check your breasts for any lumps or changes, you could see your doctor, or the practice nurse, so that they can show you what to look for.

Changes in skin tone should also be noticed and examined by a doctor, as should any discharges. It is likely that your doctor will send you for a mammogram, which is a special x-ray to see if there needs to be any further explorations. This will not take long and as is a painless procedure.

Mammograms are routine procedures for women over the age of 50, but there should be no hesitation on the part of anyone who has even the slightest concern that they may have breast cancer.
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It affects many organs systems including the lymphatic system, where it travels through, your skeletal system, respiratory system, nervous system, intugmentary system, the, circulatory system,
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Breast cancer is the cancer in the cells of the breast. Exact causes of breast   cancer are not known. Among the contributing factors use of birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy, drinking alcohol, over weight, not having children or having first child after 35 years of age and hereditary factors are important.
One of the features of breast cancer is that it can metastasize or spread to other parts of the body. Most affected parts of the body are lymph nodes of surrounding areas, bones, liver and lungs. Cancerous cells can travel through lymphatic system.
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awareness about the breast cancer signs, better understanding about the
screening and advanced treatments also play a very important role in
reducing the death rate of breast cancer. 

People get affected with this type of cancer when breast tissue cells
mutate or change and keep reproducing. These unusual cells combine to
create a tumor.

Other possible breast cancer symptoms are fluid-filled cysts, breast
size changes, swelling, shrinkage, dimpling, redness, peeling, scaling
breast skin, flaking, scaly nipple, breast or nipple pain, inverted
nipple, nipple discharge, unusual warmth and swollen lymph nodes.
Doctors relate these symptoms with treatment to make it more effective
and result oriented.

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The most affected parts of the body are lymph nodes of surrounding areas, bones, liver and lungs. Cancerous cells can travel through lymphatic system.
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Breast cancer can spread to other parts of the body and create more tumors..if you do not find out soon enough it can be deadly

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