What Are Sign's For Breast Cancer?


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Does it appear to be a pimple on your breast- Maybe that is the cause for cancer.
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I have a small painless red pimple on left breast - is this a sign of breast cancer
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Actually you have not mentioned that for what type of breast cancer you want to know its symptoms. Many types of breast cancer exist. So symptoms of each type are different from others but there is a possibility that one symptom may cause the two types of breast cancer. Your question is not clear so I think it is better to tell you some symptoms, which belong to different types of breast cancer. Some Signs of breast cancer are given below.

If you are infected with breast cancer then some times it affects on the size of your breast.
One clear sign of breast cancer is nipple become inverted.Some times women feel pain in their breast. It is also sign of breast cancer.

Some times you see rashes on entire breast. It is very important sign because many people think that these small patches or rashes are due to hot weather as in summer some times we see rashes in our body. So it could be danger, you must go to doctor if you see rashes on your body.

In some types of breast cancer, breast start swallows.Red skin is also a symptom of breast cancer.One of the symptoms as mentioned above may cause breast cancer.
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I had a bruise on my rt. Breast I don't re-member doing anything to hurt it. I made an app. To have a mammogram, after a week and a half I found 4 more lumps. I phoned my dr. And he said I had a hematomia and it was 12mil. In size and that it was neg. He is an obgyn dr. I told him I found 4 more lumps and he said it was a break-up of the first hematomia. I asked him if I needed an ultrasound and he said no. I'm concerned bc breast cancer runs on my mothers side. Thank You, Bshort
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Deep itching in the Breast, dime size red place under nipple/
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intense lighting burning, fast as it comes, it goes for quite some time with some.fibrocystic breast are the worse,, keep having each cyst biopsied to make sure its still only a cysts. the most known to me type is Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma,,, any and most cancers found early enough is treabale for yrs and lots curable,, 13 year survival in the horrific stage it was found in.the milk ducts in the breast need to be also checked,, ask ur doc !!!
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Your physician might conduct various physical examinations to diagnose breast cancer, which may include feeling the lump and tissue around it, collecting fluid from spontaneous nipple discharge and sending it to the lab for testing, a digital mammography or an x-ray of the breast tissue, and a few other procedures. Based on the exams, your physician may decide whether you need further tests or treatment and if yes, then which is the most appropriate breast cancer treatment for your case.
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Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women. When the cells present in the blood starts growing uncontrollably which later on turns into breast cancer. Breast cancer may cause due to high age, family history, breastfeeding, birth controlling pills etc.

Here are some common signs of breast cancer which will be helpfull to detect breast cancer:

  • Shape or size changes of the breast
  • Abnormal discharge via nipple
  • Lumps in breast or arm portion
  • Chest pain that does not go after completion of menstrual cycle
  • Change in nipples (inwards nipple)
  • Red or swollen breast

Breast cancer treatment & diagnosis is possible if the symptoms is observed on the time. For this timely medical checkup is required. So that diseases like breast cancer can be avoided.

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Change in shape and size of the breast. Development of a lump which may be movable or fixed in the breast are some signs of breast cancer.
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Often breast cancer can be found by having a mammogram done long before a lump can ever be found. That is why routine testing so vital to a woman's health.
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I do not have a rash om my breast but I have a rash between my breast that go away when I put ointment on it and under my breast , is that symptoms of breast cancer?
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To the question Tracey D asked well I had the same thing to and my aunt is a nurse and she said she had that too and to use Lanacane Ointment or Hydrocrotrozone. She said that will make it go away. But I'm still interested in knowing from the expert too on this thing..
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My nipple is enlarged, there is a tender part of the nipple itself. The remainder of the breast doesn't have any pain just the nipple, but this has been like this for quite some time.
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My breast pain is in the nipple, being tender and almost unbearable to touch. Also pain in the upper breast.
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No pimple...It is like a cluster of B.B.'s or very small stones felt when examining the breast.
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You have to get a biopsy - a sample of the area in question by your doctor.  The doctor will send the tissue to a pathologist who will examine the cells under a microscope and determine if you have cancer or not.
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The only way to truly know is to see your doctor and they will have some testing done. I pray that you or who ever it may be don't. God Bless You!!!

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