If An Adult Man Sucks A Women Breast Who Has Aids And Milk Gets In His Mouth, Can He Contract It?


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Transmission of HIV from mother to infant through breast milk has been confirmed by the research. For adults, this transmission is still hypothetical. Risk of HIV transfer through sucking breast milk depends upon amount of virus in the milk, presence of sores or cuts in the mouth, quantity of milk ingested, etc. Although chances of getting HIV through breast sucking are low or is only hypothesis, but to clear your doubts, you should get HIV test 3 months after the sex.
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Chances are almost negligible to contract hiv in this way because hiv is transmitted via breast milk to infants only while adults have strong immune system ,the transmission of hiv is very specific at least 2-3 condition must against you favour for you catching hiv like sores or cuts in mouth amount of hiv in breast milk amount of milk ingested more then all the woman"s should be infected with hiv .
If any of the condition goes not as above you will avert catching the disease.

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If he had drunk a liter of it.. =d
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If the woman he is getting it from is HIV positive you most certainly can. Breast milk has a small amount of the woman's blood in it and if you take it in you are taking a chance of contracting the virus.
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It IS possible to get it from breast milk if the woman is Positive!

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