Does Usage Of Melacare Cause Cancer?


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Therapeutic use of this medicine does not cause cancer. For details, visit this link.
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No.Inhibition of the human body by the immune system to destroy cancer cells, but when the human body, weakening or inhibition of cancer prevention, cancer cell proliferation will continue to go on to form a visible clinical cancer.
Domestic and international medical community has confirmed human 80% to 90% of cancer associated with external environmental factors, that is, the physical environment of human life, chemical and biological factors and cancer are closely related. Adverse environmental protection system against the body would be a buffer or resistance, its role can be eliminated or reduced. When the cancer-causing factors in the cumulative effect of too strong or too large, while the human immune deficiencies exist or have the body repair deficiencies cases, there may be cancer.
Current environmental pollution is mounting deterioration of human living environment, and increasingly close contact with cancer-causing factors. The stability of human cells can only be relative, human cell gene change is inevitable and unavoidable, but that does not mean that cancer can not be overcome and people can do nothing for cancer. In fact, each of us there are number of different body parts of cancer cells, but only few cancer cells can develop into cancer, most of the time remove cancerous cells or body, or do not own the ability to divide long-term potential, not hazardous to human health. With the progress and development of medicine and cancer research, the people of the causes of cancer has been an unprecedented understanding of basic occupational cancer have been able to prevent some of the general population of cancer also can prevent and cure.
Modern medicine has recognized the tumor, cancer is a genetic disease, all the cells contain the gene can lead to cancerous cells, these cancer genes from generation to generation. But usually they are to be deter state, only when the regulatory mechanism of intracellular destruction of the time, the cancer gene will be "evil", resulting in the occurrence of cancer. "Kinase" The gene family includes more than 500 kinds of different genes, the loss of their function is a frequent cause of cancer, such as gene trio seems to switches, controls cell growth and death, and mutation process.
For cancer patients, many people are concerned since he has been the nutritional status, diet, living habits, age, size, life , which are Dubu is very accurate. Whether the disease is not only with the usual relationship between living habits, even went to each person's genes are closely related.
Some of the cancer-causing genes more active in the outside world under the influence of prone to cancer. Mapping of DNA of some people easier to repair, the relative risk of cancer, will get smaller. This can explain why some people smoke a cigarette a day will get lung cancer and some people smoke a lot will not get lung cancer.
Cancer treatment often reminiscent of chemotherapy, one or two chemotherapy down, hair fall out, and the human spirit is also very poor, some people will because of the treatment puffiness.
For a variety of different cancers, chemotherapy is very effective Fangfa, but the findings from the present perspective, not every 人 applicable to all, some people may not need chemotherapy, medication Huozhe other's way through the Keyidadao Geng good effect, that not only can save a lot of money on medical expenses, but also to minimize the suffering of the patients, "Cancer gene cloning odd side" regulation of cell genes, the unique effect of the treatment of cancer.

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