Does Cancer Cause Swelling Of Face And Throat?


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It depends, if it is neck cancer, then yes. Your neck swells. At first small and unnoticeable, but it gets bigger as time progresses. It's the lymph nodes located around your neck that swell up. It's best to have it treated early, if wait too long you'll have to do the radioactive therapy where you have to get it once a month. The stuff they treat you with is hurts you more than cancer itself. Some people can't survive the treatment, especially older people. Hope this helps!
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Could it be another type of cancer. Or would their be any other signs other than swelling in face and tongue?
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One of the signs of cancer is the loss of weight and this shows on the face.  At some point in the therapy, the patient is given prednezone which makes the face bloat.  Some call it moon face.  I wonder if that is what you are referring to.

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