Does Coffee Cause Any Kind Of Cancers?


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Some scientists have claimed that coffee may cause pancreatic cancer, but this conclusion has not been confirmed by repeated studies and there is no direct link between coffee and cancer.

Nevertheless, there are some indications that caffeine may exacerbate the problems and symptoms of those suffering from fibrocystic breast lumps, but these are not usually indications of breast cancer.

While there is no solid proof that coffee causes cancer, a 2002 American study claimed that caffeine might actually lower one's risk for skin cancer. The experiment was only conducted on mice, but scientists were surprised to find that mice given caffeine had 72% less cancerous growths than those that did not receive this 'treatment.' Additionally, a Japanese scientific organization also published a study in 2005, which claimed that a coffee a day might help prevent liver cancer in some cases.

In summary, there is no reason to think that coffee causes any kinds of cancers. The key, of course, is to drink coffee in moderation.
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None the less it is proven that coffee is bad for you. Tea, also isn't all its chalked up to be. It is nice on a soar throat for my body, I can say. Coffee which contains high amounts of caffeine is proven to be addictive. Woa addictive? So have they made a C.A. Yet. Lol. Go to A.A and watch em drink coffee. So I'm rambling. LOL I want to say is caffeine is bad and can cause hypertension, witch leads to stroke or heart attack. Ewww.It also can cause ADHD in mothers to be and young children. It is ok yes in moderation.
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You're right about caffeine, but almost anything can be addictive, biolologically or psychologically.
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According to the book "Strange Stories and Amazing Facts"....the British Government decided in the 1800's to perform a study to determine which was the more harmful substance to the human body....Coffee or Tea. The scientists used prisoners sentenced to life terms and gave two individuals with similar health and physical attributes a steady diet of either coffee or tea. At least three times a day the beverages were served to the two gentlemen. And the results were interesting. The Coffee drinker lived to be in his mid-eighties....the tea drinker lived a few years beyond him. What was interesting was that these guys lived long healthy lives in a time when the average lifespan for a normal healthy male was less than 60 years of age. Go ahead....drink the coffee. What's in your mind can cause far more damage than what's in your cup.
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No, But it helps headache's
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I saw a 97 year old woman on the news once that said the reason she made it to this ripe ol'e age is from drinking Lots of black coffee.
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Coffee offers many benefits due to the antioxidant chamicals it contains (these help fight cancer). The downside is that if you drink your coffee with milk, most of the benefits are canceled out.

Just don't dring 10 cups per day or something silly. That said, a recent study showed that people who drink "large amounts" of coffee each day have a reduced risk of parkinson's.

Just google "coffee reduces risk of" or "coffee increases risk of" for all the confusing and contadictory claims you.

Quite simply, anything in exess is probably going to be bad for you. Use your common sense and you should have no problems.
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Old cases and scientific investigation showed how it may have caused cancer and other problems. Now, scientist are saying that coffee and tea may actually prevent cancer and help you become more disease resistant.
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I've never heard of it causing cancer...just migraines.
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....which is weird because caffeine is also used to suppress migraines. I take meds for migraines and they have a high dosage of caffeine.
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No coffee doesn't cause any acts as an energy booster. Coffee compound has been shown to reduce the risk of colon cancer.
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No,0 I am sure coffee does not cause cancer. However, if you are a heavy coffee drinker it will cause you to build a resistance against a lot of caffeine based diet/energy pills.
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Coffee has not been proven to cause cancer but it is said that caffiene is not good for you in some ways. Several months back, there was a report that coffee has antioxidants in it which are good for the body but all in moderation. There was another report speaking about parkinsons and how those who drank coffee had a lower rate of parkinsons found. Sounds about like most everything, there are pros and there are cons.
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I'm not a coffee drinker but it smells good in the morning. Don't worry about that everything causes cancer these days. I'm a pop drinker but I still drink it.

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