I Have Dark Spots On My Butt From Too Much Sitting On Hard Surfaces. What Should I Apply To Get Rid Of Them?


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Rebecca answered
You can get regular baby rash cream and that should work for you. Hope this helps!
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Peyton Silas answered

Mostly, dark spots are caused by constant
friction. You are right that you got these dark spot on butt from too much
fraction of hard surface. You can try home remedies for skin lightening, like

Apply Almond Paste

Mix lemon juice with yogurt and apply twice in

Use Papaya Soap

Use milk

You can also opt for anal bleaching which is worth of consideration. Yes anal bleaching is totally
safe if you use safe product. You should always consult a good dermatologist
for it or you can use dermatologist made bleaching cream. These cream are free
from harsh chemical and that’s why they are safe to use.

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