What Does It Mean When Leukocytes Are Found In A Urine Sample?


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Leukocytes found in urine normally mean that the patient has a urinary tract infection.

• What are leukocytes?

They are white blood cells, and they are responsible for protecting the body from infectious diseases. There are five different types of leukocytes and they are all produced in the bone marrow. They are found throughout the human body and make up approximately 1% of the blood cells in a healthy human adult. When the white blood cells increase above this amount, a person is said to have leukocytosis, and when they drop below the average amount, they are said to have leukopenia.

• Cause of blood cells in urine

It is not normal for a patient to have blood cells in their urine, as the kidney normally does not allow blood to pass into the urine. An infection in the kidney or the bladder, or allergies, can cause blood cells to enter into the urine. The reason that white blood cells are found more often than red blood cells is that they are responsible for combating microorganisms. The most common cause is cystitis from a bladder infection. Older patients who are taking Zydol tablets for arthritis may be susceptible to white blood cells in their urine, as this is a side effect of the medication.

• What happens next?

If a doctor has identified a presence of white blood cells in urine, a suitable antibiotic is prescribed. If there is no infection present then further tests may be needed and the kidneys may be checked to determine their ability to function correctly. A flexible telescope may be passed into the bladder to determine the cause.
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Leukocytes are are white blood cells. These cells fight against infection. Normally, few leukocytes in urine does not indicate any problem. Normal leukocytes levels in urine are 0-10 lev/vl. More than 20 lev/vl leukocytes indicates some underlying problem. This can be due urinary tract infections like kidney infection, urethritis, cystitis. Contamination due to vaginal secretions can also cause increase in leukocytes in urine. If your levels are more than 20 then visit a doctor for differential diagnosis and treatment.
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3-4 pus cells or white blood cells in urine are normal. A higher levels of white blood cells or leukocytes in urine can be due to bacterial infection of urinary tract which includes urethra, bladder, ureters and kidneys. Another reason of high WBC in urine is pneumonia in old ages. So, you should visit a doctor for differential diagnosis and treatment.
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I tested positive for leukocytes in my urine why does this happen and what does that come from?
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Leukocytes are basically White Blood cells. They are an important part of the immune system and defend the body against foreign material and infectious diseases. They are found throughout the body particularly in the blood and the lymphatic system.
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They can be. Or they might be an indication of a urinary tract infection. More data is needed for a diagnosis.
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Leukocytes or whit blood cells are increases in the body where there is an infection, they can be present in the urine normally as well but the count is considered to be high if the number is up to 500. It can mean an infection of the urinary tract organs like kidney, cystitis, urethritis etc. Further tests are needed to check where the infection has actually occurred.
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I'm not on any medicane all the time and I don't take any kind of drug o what could this be
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Hi I am as lost as you, I did a urine test and it showed leukocytes 3+. I tried looking this up online and keep getting the same thing..... Urine infection, leukocytes are white blood cells fighting infection, but I feel fine? Sorry no closer to getting an answer to both our questions.
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A count of 0-10 is normal for leukocytes in urine. No need to worry unless it gets past 20.
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Probably you have a urinary tract infection. This needs to be treated with antibiotics prescribed by a doctor. If you let it go you could become very sick and experience a lot of pain.
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I think that leukocytes are a form of protein(if I'm not mistaking) and finding them in urine is not a good sign, you must hear that in the clinic or surgery so why you didn't check with them at the time?
The urine should be clear, usually it is checked for glucose and proteins and all of them should be normal.
You better check it with your doctor.
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