If You Are Bipolar, Is Memory Loss A Possible Symptom If You Have Major Depression?


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You are not the only one here that is dealing with Bi-polarization. There are a few of us.
It is my opinion that some memory loss comes with severe depression or from the meds taken to control it. I do not know which or if maybe a combination of both.
Maybe it differs from person to person and maybe this particular symptom does not occur in all bi-polars.
This is a very difficult question to answer. Try to get outside in the sunshine as often as possible and find things that interest you to keep your mind occupied. Get a second or third opinion from other doctors on how to wean yourself from some of the meds.
When you go into the dark place, light a candle. Reach out and grab hold of something, even if it is only some good memories to ponder on.
Find things to make you laugh. People with bi-polar disorder have a chemical imbalance in their brains which causes the depression to come on. Laughing actually releases endorphins in the brain which helps to counter balance the chemicals and in fact helps you to feel better.
I will not suggest that you discontinue your meds. Everyone is different and that decision should be made by you and a doctor. Also, that is a process which must be planned out so the meds are slowly reduced. You could go through some horrible things by suddenly stopping them.
We all have to make the decision ourselves, whether to terminate the use of drugs and must have professional help when making that decision. But please, do not try this alone without proper supervision.

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Anonymous commented
thanks this is very helpful. I am hoping that if I try some of these things they will work
Rena Chisholm
Rena Chisholm commented
I hope so too and you are welcome. Come online and give us a shout anytime. Pencil and I are on here a lot and we understand what you are going thru. Sometimes it is good to have people who know the score, to talk to.
Cass commented
Tamarind, Just got your suggestion to add to this question... I think that you and penny have it covered here, sorry it took so long, I checked the blurtit but not the e-mail yesterday. The only thing I can really add is that in the past I have used St John's Wort to pull me through, I have pretty much weaned myself from any other medication other than my daily vitamins which I supplement with omega-3s and when I feel down I drink a cup of St John's tea. I have experienced much muddleheadedness at the expense of being depressed, but the sunshine or candles and some yoga generally do the trick for me.
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Yes, I have bi-polar disorder also. I had shock treatments 30 years ago which caused a significant memory loss, little by little I get those memories back. When I am in depression, I have trouble comprehending things and remembering things. I also can double as a t.v. Antenna LOL. You are blessed to have found a place where  there are plenty of us and even a  group or 2  dealing with  this  disorder.  Tamarind  answered  above me there, they are a  couple  who can make you laugh and help you love yourself. The advice  given there  is exactly what I would have suggested! Hang in there like a hair in a biscuit, and  contact  me any time, in my shout box.
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I have bi-polar, major depression, PTSD, anixety, panic disorders i have more but cant like of them all  right now.  I have Kaiser Insurance and boy let me tell you they had me so screwed up with all the medications they had me on they actually made me worse, so what i did was fouse some healthy was to do it,  I get  some oils and burn it in a difusser,   i use pepermint, spearmint and eucalyptus and it relaxes me and also i went out and got a dog, I know that sounds funny get a dog,  Boy Sammie helps me out so much. And i also went out and bought play station 2 and game cube. And they help alot.  and i tell you these all help out more then medication or seeinf some doctor that says you need pills.  everyone is different and i feel i was one that did not need pills and i have only and to major episodes in 3 years so i must be doing something right.  not sure if this will help

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