Is There Really A Condition Called Pigeon Chest?


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There is indeed a condition often referred to as Pigeon Chest but it is otherwise known as 'Pectus Carinatum'. Pigeon Chest is basically a condition which results in the chest developing abnormally and it is a deformity within the chest wall. It is thought that it is caused by childhood respiratory illnesses or rickets.

With Pigeon Chest, the sternum is usually raised and the condition is thought to be linked to children who have had severe asthma. The condition itself is not usually a problem as such; it is more emotional and cosmetic reasons why people choose to have it treated. It is possible to have cosmetic surgery for the condition but it will to affect the functionality of the chest. Overall the main cause of the condition seems to be linked to childhood rickets and it does not cause any pain, it is simply an embarrassment to its sufferers.
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I'd like to see the photo about Funnel chest of infant. Is this because of deficiency of B2?

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