What Are Signs Of Cancer Of The Knee?


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If you suspect cancer in the tissue surrounding the knee(s), look for the following signs and symptoms:
  1. Unilateral knee pain
  2. Swelling or tenderness around the area
  3. Any noticeable lumps
  4. Pain that increases at night or when you are more active
If you feel any of these and you are suspicious about it, get a bone X-ray or a CT scan done. You may also opt for MRI. If your doctor suspects cancer, he might ask for a tissue biopsy to confirm his prediction.

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My knees always hurt when I bend them I feel like there is a lump stoping me from bending my knee it swells up when I'm active and during night its always tender but I'm only 14 and doctors arent helping at all not even my mum belives me :'(
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My knee looks to be black and blue.  I don't have any lumps or bumps but it feels like
I bumped it.  It's fine when I first get up, but then after I walk on it for a while I can see it
becoming black and blue again.
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Hurting my legs. No swelling. It hurts when I run. There thats all.
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It would be more like skin,bone cancer than calling it knee cancer..this would be a odd place to get cancer but I heard of stranger things...

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