Are Black Spots On The Lungs A Sign Of Cancer?


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Black spots on the lungs do not necessarily mean that you have cancer. They are in fact a lot more common than people realize. Some causes of spots on the lungs can be minor problems whereas others can be more serious. It's important to understand all the causes.

  • Different variations of lung spots
It's important to keep in mind that a lung spot can be caused from a number of different issues that are not necessarily all dangerous or fatal. The basic diagnosis of a lung spot is that they are small nodes that appear in the lungs through scans and X-Rays.

They can either be identified as an infection, a swelling, or in more serious cases, a tumor. However, the most common cause of lung spots tends to be classed as granulomas. This medical term refers to the scarring of the lungs which usually derive from infections. In addition, they may just be a benign tumor that will not prove to be harmful

  • How to notice a lung spot
As mentioned above, lung spots are detected through various scans and x-rays. The way in which a lung spot can be identified, in terms of its danger risk is through a CT scan.

This will be carried out by a physician and the patient will be required to come back regularly, so the medical professionals can monitor the situation. In most cases, if the spot changes gradually, then there is more chance that it is a tumor, however, if it remains the same size then it is likely to be a granuloma. The specialist that you see for this particular problem will carry out all the relevant tests.

It is very important that you understand, that we are not a medical authority, therefore please speak to a medical professional regarding this issue.
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Not necessarily. They usually take a biopsy of those spots to see what it is. Be patient and keep your chin up.
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Histoplasmosis, a disease that is prevalent in river valleys, and is caused by bird feces, in dust form, entering the lungs, can cause this phenomenon of black spots on the lungs
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It could be cancer or some other serious matter. If it's not cancer it's still very important. Anything weird dealing with the lungs is an very important matter.
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This question was previously asked / answered "Black dots could be a sign of cancer, you would need a biopsy to confirm."
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I was recently in the hospital and I was told (thru a ct scan) that I have a black spot on my lower left lung. What does this mean?  Why do I have to wait 3 months for another ct scan

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