I Had A Burning Stinging Pain Underneath My Right Arm, A Subsequent Bump Was Present. I Went To The Doctor. They Informed Me That It Was A Inflamed Sweat Gland. Put Me On Keflex. Now, I Have A Layer Of Skin Peeling Off. Looks Like It Was Burnt. Any Ideas?


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Kathryn (Kathy) Hansen Profile
It sounds like it is healing normally. You could always use a little Benedryl cream to soothe the skin if it feels like it was burned. I have had inflamed sweat glands as well, though it did not develop the look of a burn. It is normal for areas that have swelled to peel after it reduces to normal size. I'll bet the red look will disappear also. But since you have seen a doctor, your best bet would be to return if you have some real concerns.

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