Can An HIV+ Person Get Married To An HIV- Person?


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Yes   an  hiv +  person   can   get   marry  to an  hiv - person   if  both   of  them  love  and  understand   each   other
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My boy friend is hiv positive and am negative he wants us to get married is advisable?
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Yes , 4 sure I think . They can leave a very happy nd health life . With proper advice and precautions of doctor hiv person can lead a good life
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As far as I know there is no regulation saying that HIV positive people should not be allowed to marry, whether or not their spouse is infected or not.

However, it would be sensible to take simple precautions, such as not sharing hypodermics, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, combs and towels, and keeping bathroom and kitchen surfaces well disinfected. Both partners should be very careful about keeping wounds and sores covered until they are healed. Anal intercourse is an absolute No No, as blood to blood contact is far more likely than with vaginal intercourse.

The situation is more serious if the woman is HIV positive, as it is possible for a woman to pass HIV on to her child in the womb, though it is not automatic. It would probably be advisable to use a condom rather than have unprotected sex, though a doctor's advice should be sought over this. There is some evidence that circumcision gives a man some protection against acquiring HIV infection through unprotected sex with an infected person. Here again a doctor's advice should be sought.

Where the man is HIV positive, careful hygiene and no anal intercourse are probably the main requirements. There is no evidence that HIV is present in an infected man's sperm or that he can pass on HIV to his child at conception. Provided he and his spouse avoid anal intercourse or intercourse at the time of her period, it is probably quite unlikely that he could pass on HIV to her during sex, even without using a condom. There are records of women who have had regular, unprotected vaginal sex with their HIV positive husbands for years with no infection taking place. However, doctor's advice should be sought and followed in all such cases.

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