Why do my knees start hurting after jogging or something?


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You should wear really good running shoes that are made specifically for running or jogging. I have bad knees due to having flat feet. I was not born with flat feet, over time my arches fell which effectively pulls down on your knees and twists the knee cap. It's like you turn the dials on your stove a couple of notches. Stand up straight without any socks or shoes on and have yoru mom look at your feet. Your knees are not an isolated joint in your body, they are connected to your feet, hips and back.

Also, your gait may be off because you may have actually grown and not have noticed yet! Next time you jog (with good shoes with good arch support!) don't wear headphones for the first little bit to determine if you are hitting the pavement really hard with your feet, that can shock your knees leading to achiness or outright pain.

As for treatment, stretch before and after you jog/run. At the end of your jog don't forget to wind down, walk for a bit, briskly and then slow yourself down slowly until you get home(or turn off the treadmill). Try to relax with your legs stretched for a bit after your jog and if you find the pain is bad take a quick shower and then soak in warm water for about 20 minutes, that should help. Even when you are not jogging you should wear good shoes or else use insoles. Good luck.
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Muscle soreness,tendonitis,arthritis depends on what your doing and your age.I have been walking 3.54 miles a day for the lsat 70-90 days and my knee,thigh and gluteus maximus : ) hurts so I looked it up on the(a runners site) net and they say to do lunges(stretching) for a few minutes before exercising .this seemed to help me a little when I did it .I also wrapped my thigh with a ace bandage to make it heat up/sort of like putting a heat pad on your muscles while you walk/jog.maybe you should look into getting a foam ace bandage that you just wrap around your leg with a velcro closure.then you can take it off when your done and wash it if needed. Oh! I also wrapped my feet for a few weeks just like the nfl football players do and this also seemed to help my feet from taking a beating /causing knee and hip pain til I got use to walking everyday. I still wrap my feet when wlaking on uneven/rough ground. So far this past few weeks all I get now is muscle soreness,but that is probably becasue I don't rest my muslces every other day like some of the sites say to.you may also need to start taking a vitamin/drink some what's that stuff called fruit juices or a sport drink to restore the fluids you lose when exercising.in other words you could be suffering from dehydration. Again I don't know what your eating and drinking after you exercise so I can't really tell you much more about this. You may also need to get a checkup and ask your doctor some questions to be sure it is not a actual injury. Just some of my thoughts on this.later.
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Most commonly you r just puten 2 much stress on your knees while you r jogging or running . Its a diffrent thing if you have flat feet?

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